Grant Writing & Project Planning

If you are in the grant-writing stage and are looking for advice, please feel free to contact us.

We can help with everything from choosing the right assays, planning and budgeting, to drafting paragraphs for grant or paper submission.

Grant Writing
  Whether you are choosing which analytes to measure, or curious about differing methods of sample analysis, we can help. We offer a variety of assays, and can provide detailed descrpitons for grant submissions.

For example: "The Yerkes National Primate Research Center Biomarkers Core Laboratory (BCL) utilized chemiluminecent immunoassay kits, manufactured by Arbor Assays for the quantitation of Oxytocin and Vasopressin. Chemiluminescent plates were analyzed using a Tecan M200 Pro plate reader to detect the Relative Light Units (RLU) produced. Reducing the data in Matlab using 4-paramenter regression analysis creates the standard curve, from which the sample concentration is calculated. The BCL utilized in-house controls, and spiked 50 uL of characterized serum pool with 10pg/mL of analyte in order to verify the extraction efficiency and accuracy of the procedure."

Project Planning & Budgeting
  If your project has particular budgetary constraints, please let us know. We can help choose the most cost-effective assays and sample sizes to measure. As many of our samples are processed in batches, it could prove more cost-effective to collect and analyze 60 samples versus 40, simutaneously saving money and providing a more robust sample set.



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